A Changed World

cropped-img_6504.jpgThe sun shines and I wonder
If the sky has any concept of what lies below.
Consistently contrapuntal is the beat of the rain-splattered drum
Amongst all immortal fallibility what have we become?
So tread onwards into the drought
And allow me to ask you if you could ever live without…
The heart that beats for yours and the outstretched arms that shelter?
Helping hands and healing words go on forever.
Love like the waves that relentlessly thrash the impermanent limestone to perishment.
The impenetrable spark that surges through your mind will save us from this abandonment.
Love deeper with every second.
Love harder through every tear.
Keep your heart full until the end
But most of all transcend the fear
That traps our hope under soil and dust,
Do not falter, but if you must:
Ensure that with every heartbeat you become
An unstoppable force of love against the doomsday drum.


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